Healing Hands Eco-preneuring

The homeless aren’t helpless. In fact, ingenuity is a trait that can help a homeless man go from the streets to productive in short order. I ran across this article when doing some research on the “Maker Movement” an wanted to share the concept of engaging street smarts and ingenuity into our Healing Hands Eco […]

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Healing Hands Eco Village & Showcase of “Tiny Houses”

Sunconomy is pleased to announce an awesome partnership with a faith based non-profit ministry known as Healing Hands Ranch. Sunconomy will take the lead to build eco-friendly affordable tiny housing as afforndable rentals on the 46 acre ranch. Healing Hands Ranch provides a safe place for men to earn a new lease on life through […]

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What do tiny houses have to do with a “Household”?

The old adage claiming that “change is the only constant” seems to apply to the make up of the family unit according to a new study put out by the US Census Bureau. This graphic representation shows how the makeup of the family unit has changed since 1970. When you take a look at why […]

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Why Think “Tiny House”?

I saw an interesting post on Zerohedege.com about the destruction of the middle class. It promotes a web site at the end but the first 6 minutes are concise, factual insights into a major crisis of America’s middle class and provides a few good pieces of advice. The first few minutes go over some alarming conditions that […]

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LSU’s Ultimate Tailgater Design is Available Now.

Brad Strickland and I have been working on this special project to bring the “Ultimate Tailgating” experience to college and professional sports. Here is the latest Smart, Small, Sustainable, Structure that should blow your socks off. The design includes a complete graphics package for the LSU Tigers. (also available in your team’s colors) The unit […]

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Build Better, Not Bigger (Tiny Houses Ain’t So Bad, or Are They?)

Let’s forget about lifestyles for a moment…and stress….and economic reasons….and environmental concerns….and social impact. Let’s just talk “Better” when it comes to building tiny houses. I like to call this “Smart” thinking. If you could start with a fresh piece canvas and design your house without thinking about building material types, here are some actual […]

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Tiny House Orientation

Wednesday June 19, 2013 – Wednesday June 19, 2013 Map and Directions | Register Description: Learn about the tiny house movement, what’s involved and learn how to build or buy your tiny house. Register

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Tiny Woman Builds Tiny House

Last weekend, Chris Antonic, helped to build the walls of my Steel Structural Insulated Panel (SSIP) tiny house which I like to call my Small, Smart, Sustainable House. She was able to lift the 8′ x 4′ x 4″ wall section by herself and we easily carried the 11″ panels together. It was fun to […]

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Homesteading 2.0 – A Home That Pays For Itself

John Robb of Resilient Communities wrote a blog post about “A Home That Pays for Itself”.

His basic premise is that it’s getting harder and harder to be economically secure. He states that you need a resilient home; “A home that produces food, energy, water, and more. A home that allows you to stay connected but remain independent”.

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Smart Small Sustainable House Being Built

Chris and Larry helped me start my Smart, Small, Sustainable House (aka “Tiny House”) in Conroe, TX. This is the first Metal Clad Structural Insulated Panel used to build a tiny house…and here’s why? 1. Each panel is structurally strong. It is designed to not only provide excellent insulation properties but also provide integrity to […]

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