Why Small, Smart, Sustainable Houses?

The trends are unmistakable….people are downsizing to smaller houses. Most people want to be mortgage free and spend less on utilities. The want less stress in their lives and more freedom. They want a simpler way of life and one that promotes community. Their idea of impacting the environment is to conserve, not waste…to save, not use it up and toss it out like yesterday’s trash.

So, is this you? It certainly describes us!

Sunconomy™ homes pay for themselves.  We like to think about “homes that pay for themselves” in a different light than most builders. The triple bottom line of people, planet, profit measures success through more than a profit and loss statement. We don’t want to build big homes. We build very energy efficient houses and use recyclable materials. We build strong homes built to last centuries, not decades.  We want you to spend as little money on maintenance as possible so they are easy on the pocketbook for the homeowner and easy on the planet for the benefit of all.

Our mission matches your desire….

We want to build houses that:

  • Last for centuries, not decades
  • Are affordable to homeowners (notice I didn’t say cheap)
  • Can withstand up to 220 MPH winds
  • Can withstand 8.0+ earthquakes
  • Won’t burn to the ground as wood homes do
  • Has very low maintenance cost for the homeowner
  • Can lower hazard insurance cost for fire, hail, wind, earthquake, and flood thru design and engineering
  • Offers renewable energy options for Net Zero reducing or eliminating energy bills
  • Offers rainwater catchment systems designed for draught areas
  • Include IoT and technology features integrated for practical application of devices and services
  • Saves tens of thousands of dollars in replacement of roofing, siding, and coatings because we don’t use them to start with.

Let’s face it; saving money on stuff that makes you sick is not a good investment; Nor is investing in a healthy product that doesn’t last very long. But trying to invest in healthy, durable products that bust your budget isn’t affordable for most people to do.

If you believe, as we do, that making our homes a safer, healthier place to live and making them affordable to do so is a good idea, then stick with the Sunconomy™  Small, Smart, Sustainable Houses (SSSH….the best kept secret in tiny houses)

Thanks for visiting. We look forward to working with you to make the places we live affordable, healthier, and much more durable.

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