YES, I want to BUY one NOW!

You’ve made the right choice to pick a Sunconomy home. Your benefits to owning a Sunconomy home include:

You can  build family wealth while enjoying a great lifestyle because our home that is built to last for centuries, not decades
It Won’t  break your budget because it’s affordable
Saves you  money every month through lower maintenance, utilities and insurance costs
Storms won’t  scare you as this house is designed to stand up to hurricane force winds, hail, forest fires and even a potential tornado

Your future and your lifestyle are critically important to us so let me explain our process as we believe in being transparent for the best outcomes between us.

The STEPS we will take are:

STEP 1  – You fill out the form on this page to help us serve you better. Tell us your timing, the size and choices in bedrooms and baths and if we can help in any other way.

STEP 2 – With your information we will determine if we have a builder in your area. If not, we will start a search for one. If so, we will make the connection to get your home design and purchase started.

STEP 3 – Once selected, be assured your builder will have the experience in construction and the training necessary to successfully complete your home.

STEP 4 – Your delight, and not just satisfaction, is our goal. We allow you to have complete and transparent rating of your builder and we will work with your builder to ensure their completion to your delight.

STEP 5 – Once delighted, we want you to be a part of the Sunconomy family as we will keep you informed of technology innovations and ask that you do an “I’m delighted” interview with us to share with other customers so they can be delighted too!

We can’t wait to have you as part of a new generation of homeowners. We thank you and look forward to building a better tomorrow with you very soon. 

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