How is a Sunconomy home built?

Sunconomy™ homes start with great design. Architects are putting their best selling plans on the Sunconomy™ web site where you can choose from contemporary or classic, from small to large, or from a pre-designed home to a completely custom home. You choose what is important to you and we get it built especially for you.

After great design comes component selection. Components are carefully selected to provide you the best value over the life of the home, not necessarily the lowest purchase price. Better built isn’t good enough, you want a Sunconomy home with lasting value which means large monthly savings on utilities, maintenance and insurance; a very healthy environment to live in; and a home built so well it will last generation after generation.

Next comes “Built Right Every Time” and we prove it!. Not every contractor can build a Sunconomy home and not every homeowner can afford one. Sunconomy builders are pre-screened for financial stability, construction expertise, and a long list of satisfied customers that showcases their commitment to “Built Right Every Time”. How do we prove it to you? We document the construction of your home so you have a permanent record for every step of construction and we provide you the owner’s manual when you move in with pictures and video of your home’s complete construction process.

We mentioned that not every homeowner can afford one, but that’s not due to a high price. It has to do with how buyers perceive value vs. wanting the lowest possible price. Some people want lowest possible cost and disregard the higher utility bills and the aggravation of fixing, replacing or performing abnormally frequent maintenance inside and out of their new home. We use components that save energy, are meant to last and stand up to the day to day living and lifestyles we now have. Here’s an example… If you had to spend an extra $1,000 on a car that didn’t break down as often, got 15-40% better gas mileage and could go 30% longer in between oil changes would it be worth the initial investment? If you answered yes, you are more than likely a Sunconomy™ home buyer.

Is a SIP home code approved?

2009 IRC (International Residential Code) now recognizes SIP (Structural Insulated Panels). In addition, OceanSafe’s Steel SIPs are third party certified and are shipped worldwide to provide all types of housing from the desert heat and cold of Iraq to islands such as Haiti enduring humidity, wind and rain of the Caribbean.

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