Homesteading 2.0 – A Home That Pays For Itself

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John Robb of Resilient Communities wrote a blog post about “A Home That Pays for Itself”.

His basic premise is that it’s getting harder and harder to be economically secure. He states that you need a resilient home;  “A home that produces food, energy, water, and more.  A home that allows you to stay connected but remain independent”.

I couldn’t agree more. Several years ago I promoted Sunconomy homes as homes that pay for themselves. When you consider the costs of living, you can see why.

  • Living costs are continuing to escalate
  • Income from jobs is flat or declining, especially when you take into consideration true inflation
  • Retirement income is in jeopardy due to low returns vs. risk necessary to achieve an “above inflation” return on investment
  • Mortgage costs on larger homes can be very costly over the life of the loan…over 2 times the cost of paying cash can be spent on interest alone.
  • Property taxes increase continually. When the elderly, on fixed incomes, can’t pay their ever increasing property taxes, they can easily lose their homes at a tax sale
  • Utility costs to heat and cool a larger home, especially  when not used (the kids are all gone) can be burdensome.
  • Insurance costs – as inflation continues, replacement costs will increase and premiums will have to go up as a result.

The bottom line…think about building a Sunconomy house. One that will provide peace of mind against a potentially hazardous future.


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Someone asked me to describe my life in 6 words or phrases, so here goes... Heaven sent, Husband, Home Builder, Entrepreneur, Energetic, Ever Hopeful I want to make a difference in people's lives, not in things. The tiny house movement reflects a counterbalance to consumerism, resource depletion, and a more "centered life" focused not on things but people and joyful relationships. Nobody on their death bed asks for their stuff to be brought in, they want to see people that they love and share that love before they pass into eternity.
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