Healing Hands Eco-preneuring

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The homeless aren’t helpless. In fact, ingenuity is a trait that can help a homeless man go from the streets to productive in short order. I ran across this article when doing some research on the “Maker Movement” an wanted to share the concept of engaging street smarts and ingenuity into our Healing Hands Eco Village concept for Phase 2 expansion. It’s a great read, so without further comment….

Homeless to Hacker: How the Maker Movement Changed One Man’s Life!

…and when you are done reading that article, here’s a link to TechShop’s site for tinkerers, hackers and crafters. Check out what they are doing. Imagine going from homeless to entrepreneur because someone cares, teaching and mentor’s you. Just how freak’n awesome would that be?


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Someone asked me to describe my life in 6 words or phrases, so here goes... Heaven sent, Husband, Home Builder, Entrepreneur, Energetic, Ever Hopeful I want to make a difference in people's lives. Affordable housing should be built to withstand disasters like fire, flooding, hurricane force winds, earthquakes and last for centuries. My goal is to teach builders to adopt new 3D printing technology, build with new and better materials such as GeoPolymer concretea and basalt rebar, and offer affordable housing all around the world.
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