Indoor Air Quality

What does Indoor air quality really mean to the consumer? Clean air or Less polution or what? I asked a young mother what it meant to her and she said; “It means I don’t have to worry about my baby getting sick from being inside the house”. Who can argue with that explanation? What do […]

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What do Women Really Want in a “Green Home”

It is commonly said that women make 80% of the buying decision when purchasing a house. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand what influences the buying decisions of this market segment.

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Carbon Emissions

What would it mean to the nation if houses didn’t use natural gas, propane or electricity produced by fossil fuel consuming power plants? How much would it affect a consumer’s buying decision to purchase a Net Zero or Grid Free house?

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Household Energy Use

What are the economics of solar PV and thermal systems over the life of the house?

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Power Generation in an Emergency

Natural disasters are coming to the forefront of many people’s minds. Ice storms this winter leaving people without power for a week or more in freezing weather or hurricane’s Gustov and Ike devastating coastal communities with outages of 3-4 weeks or more are making people aware of the need for some kind of emergency or local power generation.

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So, what does solar power mean to you?

The world woke up to the fact that it has finite resources and will pay more for energy, clean water, food, cars, and products of all kinds in the very near future. Price shocks like $5.00 per gallon gas or “fuel adjustment” charges on utility bills rock our budgets and literally make us change our behaviors.

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