Land Plan for Eco-Village Done…and it’s great!

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As previously announced, Sunconomy is developing an eco-village in conjunction with Healing Hands Ranch to develop and eco village with tiny houses, a farm area including aquaponics (growing fish and veggies) and utilizing permaculture design.

Architend, commissioned to complete the preliminary land plan produced  a comprehensive layout for the 46 acre facility that helps homeless men transition back into the mainstream. The plan for the project is to make the eco village open to people that want to build or rent  smart, small, sustainable houses built by Sunconomy and to open the eco village to become a resource center for people to come and learn green building, advanced farming techiques, permaculture design and even be encouraged to open and grow their own small businesses.

Preliminary Land Plan HHRDownload the concept drawing here…  14001 Master Plan Preso

Healing Hands Ranch and Sunconomy are developing job training programs, long term employment opportunities and joint ventures with other non profits to promote an end result of “lives with purpose”. It’s one thing to go through a program to get off the streets but staying off the streets takes a job, people that care and long term commitment.

Jack and Vicky Hay are leading the efforts that God has placed on their hearts to change the lives of young and old men through a faith based ministry that is seeing some great results. Your prayers are needed and we encourage your support!

Contact Larry Haines for more information

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