to Build Shipping Container Tiny House

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Larry Haines, Founder of has hired Shelly Portoff’s firm Architend to design an affordable, sustainble, healthy house to be built in Houston, TX. Architend is an architecture, community design, sustainable consulting, and research & development firm focused on leading edge, regenerative design.

The design will use two recycled shipping containers modified into a beautifully modern home to offer solar PV and thermal water heating, LED lighting, rain water catchment for use to grow fruits and vegetables, a green roof, recycled building materials. The design will include an artistic flair that promotes joy and appreciation of nature.Preliminary Shipping Container Design

The space creates an 880 sq. ft. interior footprint that invites the outside in using a large clearstory open space connecting the two structures. The windows and doors are designed to provide a visual vista throughout the home.

Unique furniture, colors and textures will give the owner of the home the ability to change the interior theme at will. “This is a design feature that you would typically see only in an art gallery” said Larry Haines.

“I have developed funding sources for the buyers so we can get them into this house quickly” he added. Anyone interested in learning more may contact Larry@.


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