Oceansafe And Road Home Builders Introduce The Next Generation In Green Home Construction

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New Orleans, LA – OceanSafe, the nation’s premier manufacturer of durable and energy-efficient Steel Structural Insulated Panels, and Road Home Builders, a leading green residential and commercial contractor, have entered into a strategic partnership to produce highly energy-efficient, durable, healthy and easy-to-construct homes. The new line of homes will be marketed and sold under the Sunconomy Homes brand name.

The companies plan to co-locate manufacturing and office space in the in New Orleans, Louisiana market. This partnership is expected to stimulate construction across the Gulf Coast and the entire nation, as well as boost manufacturing, design work, employment and other economic activity in the New Orleans market. The companies will soon launch a national campaign to introduce builders, developers and consumers to Sunconomy Homes built with OceanSafe panels. These state-of-the-art dwellings will include thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems with the goal of attaining net-zero energy usage. Homes will be capable of withstanding severe weather and also offer healthy living spaces for families. Construction of the first Sunconomy Home built with OceanSafe panels is expected to begin in January 2011.

OceanSafe’s Steel Structural Insulated Panels (SSIPs) will be used as external, load-bearing walls as well as form an integral part of the roof system to create an entire building envelope that is impervious to the destructive forces of nature, including hurricanes and earthquakes. Construction of these energy-efficient and green homes is fast and easy, making them a cost-efficient solution for homeowners, builders and developers. Insuladd ceramic thermal barrier coatings and Ontility solar thermal and PV solar systems will be utilized to reduce each home’s energy usage.

“OceanSafe will supply the ‘shell’ for each Sunconomy Homes building, and together with Road Home Builders, will offer hands-on training classes using materials, systems and designs to educate builders and construction crews in the best methods to properly build Sunconomy Homes. They will learn our techniques for building these safe, energy-efficient homes and bring this know-how back to their companies across the nation,” said Joseph Basilice, President of OceanSafe.

“Sunconomy Homes represent a new concept to home buyers: Homes that pay you to live in them,” said Larry Haines, Managing Partner of Road Home Builders. “By reducing utility bills and saving money on insurance rates and maintenance costs, home buyers now have an easy choice to make between modern, energy-efficient and healthy homes that last a lifetime and homes built to outdated, inefficient standards. Builders will benefit by offering consumers significantly more benefits over conventional homes and they are able to construct Sunconomy Homes faster and easier than stick built structures. Sunconomy Home builders are able to offer a complete, pre-engineered energy rated house to consumers, removing the burden of designing green, efficient homes themselves.”

Sunconomy Home architects as well as those from across the United States will be developing optional designs that will be attractive to builders, developers and consumers. Sunconomy Homes builders will be able to offer consumers energy-efficient homes built with quality materials following the latest in construction methods. Training will be available for building industry professionals who become part of the Sunconomy Homes network. Professionals will be taught the skills that will allow them to build the next generation of technologically advanced, green, durable and energy-efficient homes. Training for builders will include the use of OceanSafe’s SSIP materials and systems as well as other leading construction products and techniques.

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OceanSafe is a manufacturer of steel structural insulated panels. With ongoing building projects here and throughout the Gulf and Caribbean regions, the company is committed to the sustainable rebuilding of New Orleans. Its reach is also worldwide, in providing immediate and permanent volume solutions to both housing and commercial infrastructure needs. The firm has made a commitment to quality, exacting material standards and functional sustainability in every building constructed. The concept behind OceanSafe Building Systems, or SSIPS (Steel Structural Insulated Panels), is both simple and revolutionary. The product consists of Galvalume panels, combined with an expanded polystyrene core (EPS). It is assembled with a patented snap-together system that makes the panels highly resistant to the destructive forces of nature. The result is a finished building that is truly green and enduringly sustainable with unprecedented warranties, energy savings, and insurance reductions. For more information please see: www.oceansafehousing.com

Road Home Builders is a leading green building and construction firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company’s team of qualified green building professionals has over 70 combined years of experience in construction. The company’s management works with homeowners, developers and real estate investors in Louisiana and across the nation, offering professional construction services on time and on budget. For more information, go to www.roadhomebuilders.com.

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