It’s (Big) Easy Being Green

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New Orleans is known for great food, Mardi gras, Bourbon Street and much more but now the Big Easy is the home of a new business helping the nation’s builders to “Go Green”. Road Home Builders, LLC is offering SunconomyTM homes to the American homebuyer which are very energy efficient, durably built and healthy to live in. Based in New Orleans, Road Home Builders, LLC has a strategic partnership with OceanSafe, Inc. to develop, build and sell to other builders the Sunconomy brand homes to Consumers across the country. Customers can choose to go all the way to “Net Zero” homes which means they won’t be writing big checks to the utility company and they pocket the energy savings each month.

The state of the art Sunconomy homes are a direct result of listening to home buyers. New home buyers repeatedly ask for three specific benefits which include:

  1. Homes that save them money on utilities, insurance and maintenance
  2. Homes that are durably built and have lower maintenance costs
  3. Homes that are healthier to live in

“My grandson had a respiratory problem just after bringing him home from the maternity ward that really scared all of us. His mom took him back to the hospital because of breathing problems where he died but was thankfully revived. He spent the next month strapped down to a board with tubes, needles and doctors keeping him alive.” said Larry Haines, Road Home Builder’s founder. “Even with the deductable our daughter had tremendous hospital bills as a result of this illness and I often wonder what role the indoor air quality played in this near catastrophic event.”

Haines continued, “Many builders are stuck in the “that’s the way we have always done it” mode and typically don’t have resources or the desire to keep up with technology, innovation and consumer trends. For the builders that do want to offer these state of the art homes to consumers, Road Home Builders, LLC offers training and certification in building Sunconomy homes to ensure quality, durability and especially energy savings to the home buyers.”

Green jobs are an important part of the New Orleans rebuilding and expansion.  “The “Big Easy” is a great place to grow a green business” says Haines. “After Katrina we’ve seen thousands of young professionals flock to the city to make a difference in the local rebuilding and also in making a national impact.”
Road Home Builders, LLC expects to see a significant job growth as it ramps up production, training and sales of its many Sunconomy Homes.  For more information, go to


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